GRC is not a single material but a family of high-performance cement-based composites reinforced with special alkali resistant glass fibres, which can be engineered to suit a wide range of applications.

SUNYARDS strongly believes that efficient communication and coordination explains the success of project executions. Therefore, we always proactively pulling the teams together and managed to strengthen an open-minded communication corridor for our factory, in-house engineer, as well as the installation teams on-site and off- site.

Advantages of GRC
Can be cast into fine details
Offers designers unrivalled flexibility
Moulding and feature are easy to handle and erect
Does not suffer from corrosion
Durable against extreme weather condition

GRC presents architects and engineers with a material from which the most ambitious design can be created. It can be moulded to form modern futuristic designs or to replicate traditional historic features. GRC can be painted, faced with fine aggregates, colored or simply left with a natural white or grey, smooth or textured finish. (GRC in Action, GRCA 2003)


At SUNYARDS, we provide compehensive solutions from design, manufacture, installation to finishings. So whether you are an architect, consultant, project coordinator, or end user, please contact us to discuss your requirements further

GRC (Spray) Mechanical Properties  
  Dry Density 1.9 íV 2.1 Kg/m
  Addition of AR-Fiber 3-5 Weight %
  Bending Strength (MOR) 20 MPa
  Bending Strength (LOP) 8 MPa
  Tensile Strength (UTS) 8 MPa
  Elastic Limit (BOP) 5 MPa
  Shear Strength (Inter-lam) 3 MPa
  Shear Strength (In-Plane) 8 MPa
  Compressive Strength 45 MPa
  Impact Strength 15 kJ/m2
  Elastic Modulus 10 íV 20 GPa
  Strain to Failure 0.6 %
  Fire Properties BS 476 Pt. 4
  GRCA Specification