GRG is used exclusively for interior application such as, hotels, theaters and residential structures for moldings, ceilings, columns, light coves, bas relief, domes, capitals, fireplace surrounds, medallions and any other custom shape.
Advantages of GRG
Stunning finish options, It can even be finished with water- or oil-based paints, stain, and gold-leaf
Excellent crack and shrink resistant provide invisible jointings
Lightweight, requiring minimum structural support
Easy installation and repairing
Finest details art works

GRG is a non-combustible, lightweight and extremely versatile substance. It is widely used in interior custom design decoration and shapes, i.e. columu surround, ceiling panel, decorative molding, dome, barrel vault ceiling, light trough, crown molding, balustrades, niche, medallion and etc. GRG is often be crafted in incredible fine details.