GRP is perhaps the most versatile construction material known today, it can offer the designer a wide scope for complexity of shape and can prove very cost effective when designed properly.
 Advantages of GRP
Light Weight & High Strength
Aesthetic Pleasing
Wide Range of Colour & Texture Option
Low Thermal Expansion
Easy to Install & Repair
Durable and Corrosive Resistant
The unique properties of Fiberglass make it suitable for a wide range of product applications, and also offer advantages that are not found in more conventional constructional materials! In Sunyards, we have the engineering, experience and credibility to design, manufacture and install quality GRP products for your application.
Mechical Properties (BS 2782)
Fire Performance (BS 476 pt7)
Glassfiber Resin System (BS 3749)
Impaction Performance (BS 6206)
Fiberglass Roving (BS 3396)
At SUNYARDS, we produce customized GRP decoration, moulding, tanks, shelter and much more according to your specifications, on time and within budget.