Introduction to UHPC

Ultra High Performance Concrete, or UHPC, is one of the latest advances in concrete technology, and it addresses the shortcomings of many concretes today: It provides high strength to weight ratio, high tensile strength, high ductility, and volume stability.

It has a compressive strength 2 to 3 times greater than conventional concrete and a flexural strength 2 to 6 times greater.

UHPC does not contain the capillary pores of traditional precast or glass-reinforced concrete.

It does not absorb water and degrade in demanding freeze-thaw or marine conditions. Its increased density and decreased porosity result in a highly resistant material to an acid chloride and sulphate penetration.

UHPC also demonstrates extreme resistance to freeze-thaw cycles, abrasion, and other aggressive environments.

Benefits to the physical property and performance: design of the furniture and architectural elements will be more flexible to satisfy aesthetic perception and structural consideration.

These benefits are difficult or impossible to achieve with traditional reinforced concrete elements. Designers such as Frank Gehry, Zaha Hadid and Rudy Ricciotti utilise UHPC to create building facades, stair features and unique products.

We are showing you to see what is possible with this beautiful material. In future, we trust, UHPC is putting concrete furniture on steroids.